My Car’s Still a Mess: What to Do When Accident Damage Is NOT Repaired Properly

Stew Broward
Head of PR (Enzo Collision)
February 17, 2023

You finally got your car back from the body shop after what felt like forever. The accident damage should be repaired, your deductible paid, and your insurer and the shop are all squared up. But when you get behind the wheel and hit the road, things still don’t feel quite right. Uh oh. Now what? 

Dent in Your Plan: Assessing the Car Damage Repair

So you paid for car repair but not fixed still? Or maybe the body shop taking too long to fix your car?

First, we assess what’s wrong. Is the car pulling, vibrating, or making new noises? Are panels still dented or fittings askew?

Make a list of every issue you notice, no matter how small. Don’t just drive around the block either – get that baby out on the highway to see how she handles at speed.

Document problems with the car bodywork repair with photos and videos. Close-ups of dodgy paint jobs, lingering dents, and hardware that doesn’t line up right go a long way when complaining to the body shop… or eventually a lawyer. 

Wrench in the Works: What to Do if a Mechanic Doesn’t Fix the Problem

Armed with your damage list, it’s time to contact the body shop and calmly but firmly explain the issues. Any reputable shop wants happy customers, not lawsuits, so they should be eager to inspect your car and make things right at no additional cost.

If they push back, don’t get angry. Simply insist on a redo, noting your insurer and lawyer agree the repairs weren’t satisfactory. If they call your bluff on the attorney bit, well… keep reading. 

Lawyer Up: Seeking Legal Representation

If the body shop refuses to re-repair their supposedly “body damage repair” properly, it may be time to get legal help. This is also what to do if a repair shop damages your car even further instead of repairing it.

A lawyer experienced in auto accident cases can advise if you have grounds to sue and represent you through the process.

Be prepared to show them your damage documentation and evidence the repairs were inadequate. If you can demonstrate the shop was negligent and didn’t fix your car according to industry standards, you’ve got a case.

Depending on how watertight that evidence is, a stern letter from an attorney may light a fire under the shop. If not, it’s lawsuit time. 

Take 'Em to Court: Filing a Lawsuit

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of suing a company. The legal system is there to protect consumers like you from shoddy work and broken promises.

With an attorney’s help, you’ll file paperwork with the court laying out how the shop failed to adequately repair your car per their agreement. The shop can settle and agree to fix the damage properly or take its chances at trial.

Be ready for the process to move slowly. Your lawyer can push to expedite matters, but lawsuits seldom resolve overnight. If the shop puts up a fight, it may take months to get your day in court. 

Make Your Case: Car Not Fixed Properly After Insurance Claim

If no settlement is reached, the next step is taking the body shop to trial. This is your chance to present evidence about poor repair work and testimony from experts supporting your version of events.

The shop will try to rebut those claims and shift the blame back to you or other parties. Don’t take it personally – it’s just legal maneuvering. Keep calm and let your lawyer make the case.

The judge or jury will then decide if the shop is liable for damages based on the standards of care for auto repair in your state. If they rule for you, it’s on to determining how much the shop owes. 

Pay Day for Not Fixing My Car Collision Damage

If the court finds the repair shop negligent, the next phase is getting compensation. This could include the cost of re-repairing your car properly, rental car fees while it’s being fixed, attorney’s costs, and more.

You may also be awarded punitive damages if the shop behaved egregiously. Pain and suffering or lost wages from being without your car may also be recouped.

Your lawyer will advocate for a judgment covering your tangible costs plus penalties to deter similar misconduct. The shop will try to lower the amount, but the court has the final say. 

Back to the Shop: Finally Getting It Fixed

Once awarded damages, you can finally get your car fixed properly. The judgment will specify whether the repairs must be completed at the original shop or you can take it elsewhere.

So after having car problems to miss work, you must now avoid further headaches, and find a reputable shop known for quality work. Ask around, check online reviews, and don’t just go with the cheapest bid.

Be very clear about which repairs weren’t done right originally when you drop off your car and closely inspect the work when it’s done. If you have any doubts, now’s the time to address them. Ask them questions like: how long do car repairs take? 

Lessons Learned: Avoiding Shoddy Repair Work

While ideally, you won’t have to sue a body shop again, keep these tips in mind to reduce the odds of repeat repair problems:

  • Get quotes from multiple shops and check their reviews before choosing one. A few extra calls upfront could prevent hassles later.
  • Specify OEM or quality aftermarket parts – don’t let them install cheap knock-offs. This is your car, not their bottom line.
  • Request updates throughout the repair process and inspect work before approving it’s done. Leaving a car for weeks with no status checks is asking for trouble.
  • Document everything in writing – initial estimate, authorizations, promises on completion date, issues noticed at pickup, correspondence with the shop.
  • Educate yourself on proper repair techniques and your state’s laws regulating body shops so you can better spot problems.

Don't Get Mad, Get Paid: Asserting Your Rights

You’d really be unhappy with the body shop repair for not repairing my car. But letting anger over shoddy repairs cloud your judgment won’t fix your car.

Take a methodical approach to documenting issues, attempting repairs, and asserting your legal rights if necessary. With some patience and perseverance, you can get the job done right and receive proper compensation.

Now put this mess in the rearview where it belongs. Your sweet ride has been through enough – time to get back on the road! 

Crash Course Completed: Recapping What to Do

Let’s review the key steps covered to ensure accident damage gets repaired properly:

  • Thoroughly inspect repairs and note any lingering issues
  • Contact the shop to request repairs be redone properly
  • Get legal representation if the shop refuses
  • File a lawsuit and build your case if necessary
  • Present evidence at trial demonstrating faulty work
  • Secure a judgment to recover damages plus penalties
  • Finally get your car fixed correctly by a trustworthy shop
  • Learn from the experience to prevent shoddy repairs in the future

By asserting your rights as a consumer, you can hold negligent shops accountable and get your car back in pre-accident shape. It may take some time and effort, but it sure beats cruising around in a clunker! 

Wheels in Motion: Cruising Towards Justice

You deserve repairs that truly make you whole after an accident. Don’t settle for a chop shop job that cuts corners and leaves your car compromised. Get what you paid for – safe, reliable transportation.

Follow this road map to seek justice when accident damage isn’t properly fixed. You’ll get satisfaction along with a sweet ride once again! 

Why Choose Enzo Collision?

At Enzo Collision, we understand that vehicle repairs can sometimes be a frustrating journey. You’ve been through a lot with your car already, and the last thing you need is to be left disappointed with the quality of service. That’s where we step in, to ensure your experience with us is nothing short of exceptional. So, why should you choose Enzo Collision? Allow us to tell you:

Experience and Expertise
Our team of certified technicians boasts a wealth of experience and expertise. We’ve been in the business for years, and our knowledge runs deep. We’ve handled everything from minor dings to extensive collision repairs, and we bring that invaluable experience to every project.

State-of-the-Art Facilities
When it comes to auto repair, having the right tools and equipment can make all the difference. Enzo Collision spares no expense in providing our technicians with cutting-edge tools and technology. You can trust that your car will receive the care and attention it deserves.

Transparent and Honest Service
We take pride in being open and transparent with our customers. When you bring your vehicle to Enzo Collision, you can expect clear communication at every step. We provide detailed estimates, keep you informed of the progress, and discuss any unexpected issues that might arise during the repair process.

Check out our collision repair, our insights on post-repair inspections, and our tips on finding a good body shop.

Or are you asking, Is it worth repairing a car after an accident? Call us today to get expert advice! 

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