The Hidden Costs of DIY Body Repair


Stew Broward
Head of PR (Enzo Collision)
December 28, 2023

Are you a car owner searching online for instructions on how to perform DIY body work repairs to save some cash? Then you should be aware that doing auto body work repairs yourself frequently has additional costs and limits. Most people take pride in their vehicle and would not want to see a dent in it, but this can be often times unavoidable. 

It gets quite difficult when the damages are severe and significant like a car crash damage unlike when it is just a modest automotive problem which you can actually help save money doing on your own and make you feel accomplished. 

What is Body Repair?

Body repair is putting damaged external parts of a car to its original state before the damage. It may include body repair car of scratches, and dents, and collision repair work. Using an online DIY method might look simple and less expensive than hiring professional help, but it is important to know when a certain repair needs more knowledge than what is provided by an article.

DIY Auto Body Repair

There are some home auto body repairs that can be done on your own with a quick tutorial video, but how do you know which repair is DIY-worthy and which requires professional help? Consider the amount of time you’d spend on the repair; a few minutes or the entire day? But given you have some free time, then by all means grab your equipment and get to work.

You need to also consider the cost of materials. Some do it yourself autobody repair tools or kits are cheap, but you might notice you end up with a cheap result. Investing in a good kit will be a better choice over the cheapest option if you plan on doing a lot of repairs on your own.

Ensure you have the proper tools and expertise to avoid incorrect and incomplete body car fix and do not hesitate to get professional help if needed.

How to do body work Yourself

Generally, bodywork can be quite costly, but that is not supposed to be. With a couple of simple tools and equipment, you can handle the body work diy of your car to an extent and minimize funds. So, for those who don’t know how to body work a car, below is a step-by-step guide for individuals who prefer to do their car body fix themselves.

  • Assessment

Any body work effort should start with an assessment of the overall damage. Examine the rust or dent closely to ascertain the degree of damage to be fixed. Remember to watch out for any other aspects that require priming and sanding, and also any cracks or gaps that require filling.

  • Collect the Necessary Supplies

After thoroughly evaluating the damage, collect all the supplies required for the task. Some of the necessary materials that you will need include paint, sandpaper, a clear coat, a spray can, and various others. Also, don’t forget to add sanding blocks, a putty knife, and masking tape. With all these in place, you are on the right path to a successful bodywork repair.

  • Sand the Required Work Area

Sanding the particular region that has to be repaired is the next step to take. The primary use of sandpaper is to roughen the surface, which will facilitate the body filler’s adhesion. In an attempt to create a seamless transition between the region that has been fixed and the remainder of the car, don’t forget to sand the surrounding area as well.

  • Apply Body Filler and Sand it

The next phase of work is to lightly cover the damaged region with the required amount of body filler with the use of a putty knife. Fill in all gaps and fissures by spreading it equally and smoothing it out. After the manufacturer’s directions are followed, allow the body filler to dry fully.

After the body filler dries, sand it smooth to blend in with the vehicle’s exterior. Ensure that you sand in the direction of the affected region using fine-grit sandpaper. Reapply another coat of body filler and sand it properly if required.

  • Primer Application

The body filler needs to be sanded before primer can be applied. This will act as a foundation for the color coat and aid in the paint’s adhesion to the body of the vehicle. Evenly apply a light coat of primer, then give it time to fully dry.

  • Paint the Area

The next step to take is to paint the area that you have worked on. Based on your inclination and the proportion of the area to be painted, you can consider making use of a paint can or gun. It can then be applied in thin, even coats; allow each coat to fully dry before laying another.

  • Apply Clearcoat

The clear coat should be applied after the color coat has dried. This will provide the paint with a shiny surface and a protective coating. Evenly brush a light coat of clear coat, then let it dry fully.

Major Benefits Why You Should Consider Hiring Professional Auto Body Services

In the previous section, we talked about how to handle body work on car all by yourself. However, it is highly recommended that you visit experts in this field to get a perfect job done. There are even situations whereby it’s impossible for you to fix the bodywork yourself.

Single or double-car crashes result in significant damage. The bumper is typically removed and the headlamps are broken in accidents. A larger percentage of the vehicle may sustain damage in some instances. It is certain that the windshield would even be broken. An expert in vehicle body services might be useful in these circumstances.

  1. Skill Sets and Experience

Expert car body shops typically have several years of working experience in the industry. As a result, when the damaged vehicles find their way to the shop, they already know the actions that need to be taken. Some of the services they offer include window replacement and repair, bumper replacement, body panel replacement, and many more.

Effective auto body services provide much more than simply the services highlighted. The individuals in charge ought to possess the know-how needed to complete the task. Clients may be confident they have visited a skilled auto body shop that has the ability to transform their automobiles into whole new ones in this way.

  • Right Equipment and Tools

When it comes to do it yourself auto body work, it is only possible to have a couple of tools at hand. However, with professionals handling it, they have all the necessary tools needed to complete the job in a neat and timely manner. 

The excellence and applicability of a professional auto technician’s tools is one element that sets them apart from someone who prefers do it yourself auto body repair. To get the greatest auto repairs and replacements, there should be a variety of instruments available, as there are several damages to deal with.

  • Cost Effectiveness

Clients can save money and gain more benefits by utilizing the many services and incentives provided by car body technicians. The body repair centers are more likely to provide top-notch services because they employ knowledgeable specialists. In this manner, they may ensure that the auto replacements and repairs are long-lasting and avoid future costs.

  • Broad Range of Services 

Auto body companies that focus on crashes typically provide more than one service. They don’t just remove dents from things. They typically provide the restoration of different auto parts. They also offer paint restoration services.

It’s evident that a good number of stores are profitably providing three or four services. This might be because they have identified the services that their clients most require, or it could be because they conducted market research and determined which services are most needed in their specific region.

The majority of auto mechanics even provide premium auto detailing services that leave the damaged vehicle free of dents and scratches. Car owners can choose between a full-blown repair and a partial repair with the many auto body repair services available.

  • Quality of Work

Auto body shops are likely to produce the best automobile works since they have qualified experts and the right tools. In addition to their extensive expertise in performing various auto repairs, the skilled auto technicians have completed special training to qualify them for the position. 

Additionally, the vehicle body shop maintains a flawless reputation. Long-term effects on their services and customer satisfaction may result from this. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you consider making use of a professional service for your car bodywork.

  • Outstanding Customer Support Along with Other Benefits

Auto body specialists are often sociable people aside from their skills. As a result, the majority of them get along well with clients if they decide to have a lengthy conversation with them. Also, these knowledgeable auto technicians could offer pointers and advice on maintaining and driving safely.


Even while it’s ideal to prevent accidents, they do occasionally occur. You ought to be aware of what to do in the event of an auto collision.

You could begin by looking for any potential injuries sustained, after which you can then start inspecting your car to know the extent of damage caused and know whether it’s a small collision repair of massive collision damage repair.

With all that has been discussed in this article, you now know which one is best for you to consider. The only thing left to decide is which of the numerous shops you will contact to provide the service. Therefore, ensure you select the one who can offer you the best service possible.

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