Preventing Collisions

Preventing Collisions: Proactive Maintenance Tips for a Safer Ride

Stew Broward
Head of PR (Enzo Collision)
December 27, 2023

Following the continuous advancement in technology around the world, more vehicles are seen moving on the road on a daily basis. Due to this, people tend to get involved in accidents across the globe. Some of the main causes of car collisions include distraction, stress, and human error. Luckily for you, if you don’t know how to avoid car crashes or how to prevent car accidents, then keep reading.

By undergoing regular safety maintenance of your car, you not only avoid accidents but also prevent having to deal with other costs. Therefore, if you want to get more familiar with vehicle maintenance, then this article is for you. Here, we will be taking a look at car maintenance tips that you should consider for a safer ride. 

  • Go Through the Car’s Manual

Before we go in-depth into vehicle maintenance tips, the very first thing is to go through the car’s manual. In this guide, you get to have a better knowledge about the details of your vehicle. In situations where you can’t lay your hand on the hardcopy version, you can visit the official site of the manufacturer. There you get to see things regarding child safety, security, car care, specifications, and lots more.

Consider the manual as an important book if you want to have better knowledge regarding your vehicle. By doing this, you will be astonished to realize that most of the challenges you face such as unlocking a locked car door, swapping a damaged tire, and many more.

  • Change Oil and Oil Filter

Cars are considered a unique machine that comes with a series of big and small parts. As you must already know, a car is basically a moving machine and it must come with several moving parts. Therefore, it is impossible for it to function well without a lubricant, as it is there to make sure every part works well. Now, the lubricant we are referring to here is oil.

Since parts that are in motion tend to generate heat as a result of friction, the use of oil lubricates those areas. Talking about the oil filter is responsible for keeping the oil neat and away from pollutants. To change the oil and oil filter of your car, find your way to the drain plug and dispose of the dirty oil. Next, change the oil plug and proceed to take out the oil filter. 

However, before fixing in a new one, ensure you properly lubricate it using clean oil. Ensure that you only pour in the amount that your car needs. Note that after using both oil and oil filters for a long time, it is necessary that you change them as dirt and other particles may find their way there. 

  • Check Out the Battery

The battery is the most important part of the vehicle and should not be ignored. Your car cannot move an inch without the battery in place. Therefore, ensure you have a basic understanding of how the car battery works by going through the user manual or on the web. Maintaining vehicle can be challenging, this is why every car owner must know where the battery is to be placed.

Furthermore, it is important to know how to properly remove it and clear out the terminal points. Note that the negative point should be removed first, as this will totally restrict the supply of electricity and prevent the possibility of an accident occurring. Then proceed to clean the contacts using a brush that can be used on the battery. The next thing to do is reconnect it by placing the positive terminal first. By thoroughly maintaining the battery, you are able to prolong its usability.

  • Make Sure Your Brakes are in Good Condition

Another tip for car maintenance is ensuring that your brakes are in perfect working condition. In adverse weather conditions, the brakes can act up without notice, which is why you must constantly check it out to prevent an accident. Ignoring a worn-out brake pad can result in damage to other parts of the vehicle such as the rotors.

In addition to worn brake pads, additional problems like fluid leaks can also lead to brake failure and a serious collision. Ensure you always check your brakes frequently to prevent an automobile accident. Leaving your vehicle without use for a long period can lead to rust accumulation and reduced brake performance. 

This is among the various way to prevent car accidents, therefore, employ the service of an expert in car maintenance. They will assist in the repair or replacement of the worn-out part.

  • Maintain the Fuel Usage

A simple fact about regular maintenance of a car is that it assists in retaining the best mileage. By following this auto maintenance tip, you are able to save money and spend on other things. Here are some common automobile maintenance pointers to assist you in getting the best possible mileage and fuel efficiency. 

The first thing is to maintain an average driving speed. Your car’s mileage will suffer greatly from frequent speed changes and careless driving. Over time, it also shortens the engine life of your car. This will cause your automobile to perform poorly, require more frequent trips to the garage, and other issues. Rather, aim to sustain an average speed of forty to sixty kilometers per hour.

Also, avoid overloading your automobile with weights. Don’t use your car a lot to move large or bulky items. Keep in mind that greater weight equals lower mileage. Therefore, if you run a business where you must regularly transfer large goods, you should think about investing in a car that is suitable for the job. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that your car’s mileage will be affected.

  • Monitor the Tire Pressure

Among the various parts that constitute the mobility of your vehicle is the tire. Using the wrong tire pressure for an extended timeframe tends to lower its overall life expectancy. This can result in quick wear and tear or even cause the tire to burst. Therefore, it is essential that you monitor the pressure and pump only the required amount of air.

During winter, tires tend to lose air, it is recommended to check your tire pressure during this period more often. A tire with the right air pressure can protect you from unnecessary accidents, but it might also increase your fuel efficiency. Make sure you maintain your tire pressure in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid mishaps.

To monitor the tire pressure, you can physically just take a look at it for cracks or anything that is stuck on the outer layer. Also, there are various easy-to-use tools that can help you quickly check out the pressure of your car tire.

  • Check Out for Windshield Wipers

One of the factors that ensure a safe drive is proper visibility. It is a common thing for wiper blades to eventually get damaged once they have been used for a long time. Regularly monitor your wiper blade to check for any signs of wear or tear. Upon noticing any abnormality, ensure you proceed to replace them immediately to improve your view.

The fluid in your wiper too must not be left unchecked, as it should be refilled on a regular basis. Driving without enough fluid can be quite dangerous since the need for it might arise at any time. In such a situation, poor sight of view can result in a collision, thereby resulting in damage to more parts of the car.

Solutions for Car Accidents

Numerous lives are lost in road accidents from time to time, underscoring the critical need for all-encompassing approaches to improve safer driving. Accidents on the road can happen to anyone, regardless of driving experience or whether you’re a pedestrian crossing a busy roadway. 

To address this urgent problem and put into practice practical solutions that reduce hazards and make driving safer for all users, we must work together. Since we have talked about some maintenance safety tips, we will be discussing some of the solutions to help lower the risk of car accidents.

  • Watch Your Speed

Although it may be alluring to move quickly to where you want to be, doing so significantly raises the risk of a traffic accident. It can cause you to lose control of your car and also make it harder for you to respond to changes in the road.

Obeying the speed limit is essential to averting collisions and guaranteeing your safety and the safety of other drivers. If you don’t know how to keep maintenance on your car, this is one of the things that you should know.

  • Use Your Seatbelt

The importance of using a seatbelt when riding in your vehicle needs to be emphasized more. Before starting a journey, seatbelt use should be prioritized by everyone in the car.

  • Frequently check for maintenance problems

Maintaining your vehicle can help to guarantee that it operates maximally, preventing collisions brought on by malfunctioning steering or other parts. Therefore, if you haven’t already, make it a priority to maintain your car and look out for any possible problems in order to drive safely.

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