How Much Does Car Dent Repair Cost in Los Angeles?

Stew Broward
Head of PR (Enzo Collision)
August 1, 2023

Car dents are the most common problems our clients often deal with. It can be due to a minor fender-bender, hail damage, falling debris, or that rogue shopping cart on the parking lot. Whatever it is, car dent repair is necessary to restore the appearance of your vehicle. But the biggest question we get is this: how much does it cost to fix a car dent in Los Angeles?

Well, the cost for this kind of repair isn’t really linear. There are some factors we need to consider, depending on the actual condition of your car.

Below, we discuss the average dent repair cost you should expect. But if you want a more accurate estimate, we encourage you to bring your car to our shop for a close inspection.

But nonetheless, read on to know more about the potential cost of your repairs!

A quick look at dent repairs on cars

Before we get into the actual costs, let’s first understand what it really takes to fix dents in a car. First, you have to know that we use different methods to restore your vehicle. It can be using paintless dent repair (PDR), traditional repair, or suction cups.

Of all these methods, PDR is the most popular for a variety of reasons. First of all, it’s non-invasive and won’t require an additional paint job. Basically, we pop the dent back in place and your car is good to go.

How much does paintless dent repair cost, you ask? The lowest price we’ve done is $150 to $250. For a light dent, we may even you charge you lower at $100 or even $75 in Los Angeles.

However, it’s not always a suitable solution for all cases. For bigger and more extensive damage, we have to resort to traditional methods to fix a dent in your vehicle.

Aside from the choice of method, you should also know that professional technicians like us use specialized tools and equipment. All these may add up to the final cost of your needed repairs.

Factors That Affect Your Car Dent Repair Cost

Take note that every dent requires a different approach, which will also have different repair costs. With that being said, we have to consider these factors that will affect the car dent removal cost:

1. Size and Severity of the Dent

It goes without saying that the bigger the dent, the more expensive it is to fix. Aside from its size, we also check the severity. Did the dent damage the paint? Did the impact affect the surrounding areas of the car? The answers to these will help us calculate the cost more accurately.

2. Location of the Dent

Where the dent is located will also affect the final price tag of repairs. Usually, dents on accessible and flat areas like the hood are cheaper to fix. Meanwhile, those on curved areas like the bumper or fender will take more effort to repair, thus the higher cost.

3. Paint Damage

If your dented car didn’t have paint damage, you’ll enjoy a lower paintless dent repair cost. However, if the dent went through the paint, we have no choice but to charge you for the paint job. That way, we can restore the full glory of your vehicle. Don’t worry because most would only need touch-ups and not a full paint job.

4. Type of Repair Technique

As we’ve mentioned earlier, paintless dent repair (PDR) is the most common and most affordable option to repair dents. However, if your car has more severe dents, we will have to use traditional dent repair methods, which can be more expensive. It’s due to the extra labor, materials, and equipment needed.

5. Vehicle Make and Model

We also have to check the make and model of your vehicle to know how to get a dent out of a car. In our experience, high-end models often require more expensive repairs. It’s due to the specialized materials and equipment that the manufacturer demands. But if you’re driving a more common model, then you can expect a lower bill from the auto body shop.

Average Auto Body Shop Dent Repair Costs in Los Angeles

Take note that the costs to get dents out of a car varies widely in LA. It depends on the factors we mentioned above as well as the location of the auto body shop where you’ll bring your car.

To give you an idea, here’s how much to fix dents in a car:

1. Minor Dent

Minor dents like door dings or small scratches are the most affordable to fix. Usually, small dent repair cost ranges from $75 to $150 for paintless dent repair (PDR). But if repainting is needed, we may charge an additional $150 to $300. On the other, traditional car dent repairs can cost between $200 to $400, depending on the size and location of the damage.

2. Moderate Dents

These dents are larger and have caused more significant damage to your car. The cost on how to fix dents in a car like this can range from $200 to $450 for PDR. For traditional methods, it typically ranges from $400 to $600. And if we need to repaint some parts, we may charge you an additional $200 to $500.

3. Major Dents

Major dents require extensive repair work like repainting. The cost on how to get a big dent out of a car like this can be anywhere from $500 to $1500. Our final cost depends on the severity of the dent, the labor involved, and the parts we need to replace.

4. Bumper Repair

When it comes to dented bumpers, we may have to classify them under collision repair. This is especially true if the damage is due to a road accident. For this, we may charge around $300 to $700 or more, depending on the actual situation of your bumper. But if the repair cost is almost the same as a replacement, we will recommend it instead.

Additional Costs You Should Consider

Aside from all the costs we’ve discussed above, there are additional expenses you also have to consider. Knowing how to get a dent out of a car in Los Angeles may also involve the following:

  • Diagnostic Fee. In some cases, we may charge a diagnostic fee if the dent is large and we suspect further damage in your car. It usually ranges from $30 to $100+, depending on the make and model of your car. Don’t worry because we will advise you about this cost before we proceed with the job.
  • Rental car. We can repair some dents on the same day, but some cars may have to stay in our shop for a few days. In this case, you’ll have to pay additional costs for a rental car. The good thing is that we offer a complimentary rental car for eligible repairs. Call us to see if you qualify and save money!
  • Insurance Deductible. If you’re filing an insurance claim for your dent repair, you first have to think about your deductible. This is the amount you’ll have to pay on your own before your insurance coverage kicks in. In most cases, deductibles range from $250 to $1000, depending on what your insurance says.

Tips to Save Money on Car Dent Repair

While the process of how to get a dent out of a car can be costly for some, there are ways to save some bucks. Here are some hacks that our technicians recommend:

  • Compare Multiple Quotes. We suggest you compare quotes from different auto body shops in Los Angeles. See the price and their inclusions. Remember that cheap doesn’t always mean good because it could be due to low-quality materials. You should always consider the cost-to-value ratio when choosing an auto shop to trust.
  • Consider Paintless Dent Repair (PDR). If we confirmed that your car qualifies for PDR, don’t miss the chance to save money on this method. It requires less labor and zero painting. That could mean hundreds of dollars in savings for you.
  • Check for Insurance Coverage. You should review your insurance policy to see if it covers dent car repair. If yes, then you have to file a claim, so you don’t have to shoulder the entire cost of the service. However, you should also know that this claim may increase your premiums in the future, depending on how intensive the damage to your car is.
  • Preventative Measures. While we can always pull dents out of your car, we also recommend being proactive with this damage. You should practice careful parking and driving to avoid accidents that will damage your car’s body. Also, you should get small dents repaired right away, so it won’t get worse and cause further issues on your vehicle.

Do you need to take a dent out of your car?

If you have a dented car, don’t hesitate to contact Enzo Collision wherever you are in Los Angeles. We provide professional dent repairs for a very competitive cost. Only licensed and experienced technicians will work on your car for your peace of mind.

No matter if it’s a minor dent or a large damage, call us, and our team will fix it for you. Rest assured that your car will look good-as-new when it gets out of our shop.

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