How Much Does Bumper Repair Cost in Los Angeles?

Stew Broward
Head of PR (Enzo Collision)
February 17, 2023

Many drivers ask after an accident: how much does bumper repair cost in Los Angeles? Front and rear bumpers are noticeable and particular components of most vehicles. These parts absorb impacts when going over bumps. Also, they protect the car from external damage. Unfortunately, they suffer significant damage when performing their duties.

Therefore, it’s unsurprising that they suffer the most damage, especially when two or more vehicles have an accident. Also, most cars have numerous components behind the bumpers that may sustain damage during collisions. 

A car bumper repair cost may include the following charges: 

  • Sensors and warning signals repair: A collision may damage parking sensors, cameras, airbag sensors, collision warning sensors, weather sensors, and rear sensors. These may also need repair when fixing the bumper.
  • Lights repair: Headlights, turn signals, license plate lights, and fog lights can also sustain damage alongside the bumper. Fixing them can also increase the cost of bumper repair.
  • Trim and molding: If the front and rear bumpers have decorative attachments, they may suffer damage during an accident. Again, you’ll pay more for their repair.

Some of these defects may not be invisible immediately after an accident. However, careful and thorough assessment at a collision repair center will reveal them. So, avoid ignoring even minor scratches and dents on the bumper after an accident because there could be extensive damage underneath. 

How Much Does Bumper Repair Cost in Los Angeles?

Most people assume the extent of the damage is the only determinant of the rear or front bumper repair cost. However, numerous factors play a role in bumper repair estimating, such as the vehicle make and model, material, and the year of the car. Here’s a breakdown of the cost.   


The bumper scratch repair cost mostly ranges between $50 and $600. Typically, light bumper scratches are quick fixes. But deep scratches cause severe paint chips, which reveal the plastic or metal cost more to fix. 

Cracks and Punctures

A cracked bumper repair cost ranges from $325 to $425. Fixing this damage involves filling the cracks and sanding the area. Also, auto body repair technicians may use adhesives to patch the holes. 

Minor Dents

If an accident occurs when moving slowly, the dent may be small and easy to fix. Such a dent may cost you between $100 and $200 to remove.

Larger Dents

A more significant bumper dent repair cost can range between $200 and $600. The price can increase further if the dent is more considerable.

The price will also depend on whether the auto body shop uses traditional or paintless dent repair (PDR) techniques. With the conventional method, the rear bumper repair cost can range between $150 and $600.

PDR enables auto body shops to provide cheap bumper repairs because it’s quick and less intrusive. It involves using specialized equipment to pull out the dent without damaging the paint job. It’s often faster and less expensive.

However, it’s only ideal for dings that have not damaged the paint and the surface. Also, it may not work on plastic bumpers since they need more than buffing to restore their appearance. Thus, a plastic bumper repair cost may be higher. 

Should You Go for Bumper Repair or Replacement?

For most people, whether to repair or replace the bumper depends on the extent of its damage. Dings, chips, dents, and scratches are minor, quick, and affordable to repair. Professional technicians can make the task seamless by improving the surface and repainting the damaged areas.

However, if the bumper suffered severe damage, such as punctures and cracks, its complete replacement may be necessary. Remember, bumper replacement costs more than repair. Therefore, discuss both options with the technicians to make an informed decision.

Like bumper repair, its replacement cost will depend on the vehicle’s make and model. Also, the year and whether you need an aftermarket bumper or an original equipment manufacturer part will influence the cost. But a new passenger car’s bumper costs between $100 and $1,000.

Labor costs for the installation and painting can range from $200 to $600. Replacing bumpers in SUVs, pickup trucks, and luxury vehicles costs more. 

Labor and Bumper Repair Cost

Labor is critical when considering the cost of fixing a defective bumper. Even for a small crack in the bumper repair cost factor in work. Auto body shops and dealerships have varying hourly labor rates.

However, most auto body repair networks charge between $48 and $215 per hour. In most cases, auto repair shops consider the following factors in determining their labor rates: 

  • Technicians’ certifications and skill levels
  • The vehicle makes and models, with luxury vehicle owners paying more
  • Repair shop type, whether dealership or independent
  • Facility and business overhead

Depending on your budget, comparing labor charges can help you identify the most appropriate facility to fix your bumper damage. 

Should You Use Your Car Insurance or Pay Out-of-Pocket?

Many people need help deciding between insurance vs. out-of-pocket payments for bumper repairs. However, two factors should help you answer this question as follows:

Your Deductible

Repairing the bumper will cost lower than the insurance deductible if the damage is minor. Therefore, you may pay out-of-pocket to avoid filing an insurance claim that may increase your annual rates. But if repairing the damage will cost more than your deductible, you may opt for an insurance payment. 

The Party at Fault

In most cases, collisions with other vehicles increase the cost of repairing bumpers. If you’re at fault, check your auto insurance coverage and weigh the options.

Collision coverage pays for the car’s damage and the other driver’s vehicle. You will pay for all repairs if your car lacks collision coverage.

But if you’re not at fault, claim payment for your bumper repair cost will come from the other driver’s insurance provider. A reliable auto body shop will coordinate the repairs with all the involved parts to help you fix the bumper damage seamlessly. 

Ways to Save on Your Car Bumper Repair Cost

While your auto insurance provider recommends an auto body shop, choose a facility you trust for bumper repair or replacement. You have the right to take your car to your preferred auto body should, regardless of your insurance company’s suggestion.

Also, get estimates from multiple repair shops but only settle for the facility with the lowest rates and quality services. Instead, choose a repair shop with a sterling reputation for providing quality repairs at reasonable prices. Additionally, consider aftermarket spare parts instead of OEM. Aftermarket parts are more affordable, although their quality may be lower. 

Bumper Repair Process at Enzo Collision

You may wonder what you’ll pay for once you choose us to repair your car’s bumper. Here’s a breakdown of our bumper repair process. 

1. Assessment: We examine your bumper damage to determine whether you need repair or replacement. Also, our review helps us determine the necessary materials and labor for repairing your vehicle.

2. Quotation: Our evaluation will help us know the amount you will pay for the repairs. Thus, you will know your paint job or bumper clip repair cost after the damage assessment.

3. Ordering the parts: We will coordinate with your insurance company to purchase the necessary components for the repair.
Depending on your car insurance policy, we can use aftermarket or OEM parts.

4. Actual repair: Our technicians will fix the faulty bumper using sophisticated tools and equipment. We use innovative techniques to repair your vehicle. Our bumper repair may include disconnecting and dismantling some components, including the warning systems, lights, and sensors. Also, we use specialized methods to fix dents, scratches, holes, and cracks.

5. Bumper painting: If painting is necessary, we’ll use the exact color match to ensure the bumper looks like the rest of your vehicle after repair. Our initial estimate will also include your bumper paint repair cost. Thus, you’ve no reason to worry about unpleasant surprises.

6. Inspection: After repairing the bumper, we’ll inspect it to ensure our technicians have done an excellent job. Also, we confirm that they have assembled and connected all components so that your vehicle looks like it never had an accident when leaving our repair shop. 

Our auto body repair shop has state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to provide efficient and quality repairs. Whether it’s a fender bender or a complete bumper replacement, we’ll do an excellent job and charge you a reasonable price.

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