Average cost of car repairs in Los Angeles

Stew Broward
Head of PR (Enzo Collision)
February 17, 2023

The average cost of car repairs in Los Angeles ranges between $50 and $2,500. However, depending on your car, damage type, and the person you hire, you might pay more. Remember, auto body repairs range from minor dents and scratches to complete part replacements. Similarly, the amount you’ll pay for vehicle repair can vary widely. This blog post explains ways to estimate typical vehicle repair costs to help you determine the amount you may save when repairing your car after an accident. 

Types and Average Cost of Car Repairs in Los Angeles

Any driver can have a car accident. Even the most careful car owners get into collisions. And it’s normal not to know what to do when you get into an accident. If the unexpected event damages your vehicle, you may have many questions about its repair and cost.

While a collision can damage any part of your vehicle, some areas are more prone to damage than others. Here are some auto repairs that prompt many drivers and vehicle owners to visit auto body shops in Los Angeles. 

  • Scratches and dents that damage the auto paint
  • Rear and front bumper damage
  • Auto glass damage
  • Car door damage

Hit-and-runs, parking lot scratches, and minor fender benders can cause these body damages. Generally, extensive damages that severe accidents cause attract higher repair costs.

Auto insurance may cover some repairs, depending on your coverage, the person on the fault, and the damage extent. For instance, the insurance can cover body damage repair or windshield replacement. However, your premiums could rise, and you might pay deductibles.

Therefore, evaluating your auto insurance is vital since it helps ensure you have the right coverage. 

How Much Does Car Repair Cost in Los Angeles?

Every year, many drivers and vehicle owners request car repair estimates from the local auto body shops. We combine real-life project estimates with information from people interacting with these businesses to know the auto repair costs.

We use our expertise and information from local consumers to create a cost guide to help determine the amount you can expect to pay when visiting an auto body shop. However, remember that several factors will influence the exact costs. Therefore, requesting a professional estimate is the best option. These estimates are the baseline of what to expect. 

Bumper Repair Cost

Depending on the damage and whether you need bumper replacement, you can pay between $300 and $1,500. This amount can include the costs for labor and parts. While the cost varies significantly, it covers everything, including fixing minor scratches and dents to complete bumper replacement.

You could spend a relatively lower amount if your vehicle has a little scratch. For example, you can use a touch-up paint pen to fix the damage yourself—the touch-up paint pen costs between $10 and $30.

Bumper replacement can cost more since the work involves more than fixing the physical bumper. Modern vehicles have cameras and sensors on the bumpers. Although these features may not require replacements, the mechanics will disconnect and reassemble them when repairing the bumper, increasing the labor cost. Also, the new bumper may need painting after installation to match your car’s original paint. 

Car Door Repair Cost

Auto door repair ranges between $50 and $1,000. You may pay around $50 for minor scratches and dent repairs on the door. Such damages are relatively quick and cheap to fix. Most auto body shops use paintless dent repair to rectify such damages. However, scratches that involve auto repainting increase the cost.

Additionally, you’ll pay more if the damage is more than minor scratches or dents. Modern car doors have complex wiring and gadgetry for the windows and locks, which could also need repair. Therefore, fixing door damage could be more laborious and expensive. If your car needs complete door replacement, you’ll pay between $800 and $1,000. 

Windshield Repair Cost

Windshield repair is also a regular auto bodywork in local shops. It costs between $250 and $1,000, with a small window or windshield cracks costing a fraction of auto glass replacement. A minor chip or crack on the windscreen can cost $60 or even less. However, complete windshield replacement due to larger cracks will cost more.

You can pay around $250 for front windshield replacement if you prefer an aftermath windscreen. But some cars have unique glass types and windshield sizes. Also, some windshields may embed technologies like collision, condensation, and rain sensors. Again, this could increase the cost of their repair or replacement. 

Auto Paint Damage Repair

The cost of car repair primarily increases when the job involves repainting the vehicle. However, the extent of the damage determines the necessary amount of repainting. For instance, a quick touch-up may fix minor scratches. However, you may pay the total cost for bumper replacement.

Most auto body shops factor in the auto paint cost in the total price for all repairs. On average, painting the whole vehicle costs around $500 for a quick, single-coat service. However, a thorough car painting job costs around $2,500 and above since the shop will use specialty or high-quality paints. But you can save money if you want to repaint the damaged areas. 

Suspension Repair

A vehicle suspension system has numerous components and parts, including ball joints, shock absorbers, and wheel alignment. Repairing or replacing each part ranges from $100 to $600. However, you may pay up to $5,000 to install a new suspension.   

Factors Influencing the Average Car Repair Costs

Most car repair costs frustrate some people. That’s because accidents are unexpected, and therefore, nobody budgets for them. But before your car damage estimate frustrates you, understand the following factors that influence the amount you pay for auto repair. 


Car insurance policies differ in deductibles and coverage terms. Most auto insurance deductibles range from $500 to $1,000. Thus, your auto policy may cover the repair expenses once you’ve paid this amount.

Typically, drivers pay out-of-pocket for the repairs when minor repairs cost less than their deductible amount. You may pay for the repairs without your auto insurance. For instance, if the bumper repair costs $200, you avoid filing a claim and the risk of increasing your car insurance premium by paying out-of-pocket. 

Car Make and Model

When you call an auto body shop for auto body estimating, the first question you’ll likely answer is about your car’s make and model.

Generally, repairing luxury and new cars costs more than mainstream and older vehicles. That’s because the new car makes and models have more sensors, bells, and whistles that repair more time to fix. Also, sourcing replacement parts for new vehicle makes and models may require more time and money. 

Damage Type and Location

Extensive car damage costs more to fix than minor scratches and dents. An auto body shop can use paintless dent repair to fix minor dents. This process is relatively fast and less intrusive.

Therefore, most auto body shops charge a relatively lower amount to restore a vehicle using PDR than traditional dent removal.

Also, the location of the damage determines the amount you’ll pay. If the accident damaged a component that is challenging to access and repair, you would pay more than when the damage is easy to access and fix. 

Additional Services

Do you need a tow truck service? Also, you may need a rental car while the auto body shop fixes yours. Such additional services may increase your auto repair cost. Your car’s location or the towing distance will determine the amount you’ll pay for a tow truck service. Also, your location will influence your daily car rental fees.

Additionally, the type of car you rent will influence your daily rental expenses. Nevertheless, the daily car rental costs range between $15 and $150. It’s worth noting that only a few insurance policies cover the car rental cost. Unfortunately, many drivers realize this once an accident occurs and need help getting home. 

How to Pay Your Car Repair Cost

Auto body repair is costly and time-consuming. Getting an auto body repair estimate and affording the amount are two different things. Unsurprisingly, many drivers need financial help with the car repair cost. But before looking for ways to finance your auto body repairs, determine whether the prices are worth it.

Sometimes, the cost of car repairs may be higher than buying a new one. So, if repairing your car costs more than its value or repair expenses exceed one year’s monthly payments for a new one, consider purchasing a new vehicle. Nevertheless, drivers have the following options for their cars body repair: 

  • Credit Cards: Some credit cards offer 0% interest rates for 12-24 months. Nevertheless, you’ll pay an annual percentage rate after this duration.
  • Home Equity Line of Credit: This loan lets you borrow against your home’s value. It is suitable for drivers with home equity.
  • Payment plan: This option is ideal for drivers with difficulties paying for the repair bill upfront. It may cater to the cost of car repairs over an agreed period.
  • Personal loans: You can borrow money to finance your auto body repair. This option is suitable if you cannot pay for the repairs now and in the future.
  • Other options include an emergency fund and cash savings.

Regardless of how you wish to pay for the cost of car repairs in Los Angeles, Enzo Collision can help. Please call us to schedule an appointment or request an estimate.


How do auto body shops decide on car repair estimates?
Most body shops assess vehicle damage using a professional estimator. They ask questions about the collision to determine whether the damage is cosmetic or the car has sustained internal injuries. The initial estimate includes materials, parts, and labor costs.

Does the insurance cover the cost of car repairs?
It depends on your approach. If the vehicle has minor damage whose repair costs are less than the deductible, you may pay out of pocket to avoid filing a claim that may raise the insurance premium. If you ignore reporting the damage, your car insurance provider may not cover the repairs.

Which car repair costs can the insurance cover?
Insurance policies cater to different cars body repair types. For instance, collision insurance will cover vehicle damage regardless of the party at fault. On the other hand, liability insurance caters to the other driver’s car damage.

If your vehicle has comprehensive insurance, your provider will pay for the damage from non-collision-related injuries, including theft, weather conditions, natural disasters, and vandalism. 

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